Construction Plans.
Overview of Systems.
"Innovative Systems Unavailable from any Target Manufacturer."

These plans offered are professionally drafted and Photographed by designer, T. Lee Marshall. Each are designed to meet our Steel-Safe® parameters. New: "SWAT TEAM Manual with Home Defense Tactics", a downloadable, online manual by T. Lee Marshall. A work in progress.

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COMBAT TARGET LAYOUT ILLUSTRATIONS: Combat Training I. Combat Training II. Combat Training III.

Stimulus-Response Training, An Introduction.

Index of TARGET SYSTEMS. Download Sample Plan Pages.(Marshall Designs)

Plan Book I A collection of six target systems designed to train the shooter in combat scenarios.
53 pages, pdf format.
Price: $12.00
PeaceKeeper Chamber A clearing chamber/bullet trap with a built-in silencer and lead dust trap. Dimensions: 16" dia. x 10". Weight: 95 lbs. Tested with 300 WinMag. Plans: $12.00
Marine Running Man Target. This is the typical running man target system, but without the over head wires and related headaches. System collapses into a easily moved dolly, fitting into a pickup truck. Fifteen minutes is all that is required to setup and start training. Plans: $12.00

"They sell targets. We offer Training."

Marshall on steel targets, includes Illustration. S-R System Training.

* The obligatory small print: Provides protection against the commercial manufacture of our products, outside my control. Does not apply to home builder's personal use. Each set of plans for the home-builder is licensed to build specific units as indicated on plans. Also, materials which can be copied cannot be returned for credit or refund. Special licenses available for law enforcement use or shooting range application.. Email for more information. No system available for commercial manufacture or sales, unless approved by FCCS.

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